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i_am_saruman's Journal

Saruman of the Many Colors
I am Saruman, the most wise, the most powerful and the most evil far-seeing of the White Council.

I am certain you demented cretins read Mr. Tolkien's account of the events surround the War of the Ring. If you did not, then most likely it is due to your disgusting lack of culture and depressingly inadequate intellect.

In any case, Mr. Tolkien failed only to mention in his mostly-accurate telling that the Saruman slain at the end of the war was not the real Saruman.

No, Saruman the Wise would never perish in so ignominious fashion. That was a mere doppleganger - a clone, I suppose you would call him.

Also, there have been others here in this quaint little theater claiming to be me. They were also clones.

Yes, you see, it has been an Attack of the Saruman Clones.

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I positively slay myself.


Grima, make them laugh.
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